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I am registering my program, but when I click the "OK" button, nothing happens.

Make sure you have filled in all of the fields in the registration dialog box. If you have filled in all of the fields, then there is something wrong with the serial number you have entered. Be sure to use the serial number provided on the email that was sent to you on purchase. It should contain at least 14 letters and numbers.

Sonar Bookends InDex and Sonar Bookends InDex Pro

I am getting an extra page number, always a very low number, on each entry in my index.

You have opened either a previous index or a previous word/phrase list and have not marked it as a list using "Index->Word-Phrase List->Make Current File a List". The problem is that the previous word/phrase list or the previous index is being indexed along with the other files in your document.

I am getting the correct page numbers, but they are not in the right order.

When indexing multiple documents, including documents in an InDesign "book," the document names should be in alphabetical order. A safe naming convention for your files is to start the names with a sequential number:

8 Moving Forward
9 A New Chapter In Life
10 Where We Go From Here

The page numbers for each section in a multiple-section document always begin with page one, even though different starting page numbers had been manually specified.

In InDesign's General Preferences, under "Page Numbering", select View: Section Numbering and not View: Absolute Numbering.

I get a message "Cannot open parsing dictionary" and InDesign sometimes crashes afterwards.

You have not installed Sonar Bookends InDex Pro correctly.

For Windows: inside the Sonar Bookends InDex Pro install folder there is a folder named Place enclosed folder on c drive. Inside that folder, there is a folder named Sonar Files. Copy the Sonar Files folder directly onto your "c:" drive.

For the Macintosh: inside the Sonar Bookends InDex Pro install folder there is a folder named Files for Preferences Folder. The 8 files inside must be copied to your Preferences folder (user name/library/preferences).

If these installation instructions are not followed, it will cause the "Cannot open parsing dictionary" error message, sorting will not work properly, and it will eventually cause a crash.

Sonar Bookends Activate

The page numbers that have been activated are off by one or more pages, but I am sure that I have done everything correctly.

Be sure that the page numbers used by Acrobat for your document match the actual page number printed on the page itself. Acrobat has the ability to set the page numbering for a document - that is what you use to make both the Acrobat page number and the actual page number match.

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