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I am registering my program, but when I click the "OK" button, nothing happens.

Make sure you have filled in all of the fields in the registration dialog box. If you have filled in all of the fields, then there is something wrong with the serial number you have entered. Be sure to use the serial number provided on the email that was sent to you on purchase. It should contain at least 14 letters and numbers.

Sonar Professional

I want to index some documents, but the Index menu and the Index icon are both disabled.

There are two reasons for the Index menu to be disabled: either Sonar Professional is in search mode or indexing has been disabled. To exit search mode, select "File->Close->Folder(s)". If this does not enable the Index menu, then you need to contact Virginia Systems for additional help.

I am getting a "File modified" message when I am viewing a found document.

This can happen if the document has been changed, but has not been reindexed. It can also happen if you are searching files which were indexed on a different platform (a Macintosh user viewing a file indexed on Windows or vice versa). You can turn this message off by unchecking "Check For Modified Files" in the "Search" menu.

After indexing some folders, I say the message "Index complete with errors. Check log file for details." Where is the log file and how do I open it?

The log file is in the folder which contains the Sonar Professional program. You can view the file with any word processor - including SimpleText for Macintosh users or WordPad for Windows users. The log file is deleted whenever Sonar Professional is launched, so be sure and examine the file before starting Sonar again.

Sonar Bookends and Sonar Bookends Professional

I am trying to open my word/phrase list in Sonar Bookends, but it is not shown.

Your word/phrase list must be saved as a text only file and in 8-bit format. Open the word/phrase list and resave it as an 8-bit text only file.

I am getting an extra page number, always a very low number, on each entry in my index.

You have inadvertantly put either your word/phrase list or a previous index in the folder that you are indexing. Thus the word/phrase list or the index is being indexed along with your document. Remove the extra file, remove any Sonar Bookends files in the folder and then make your index again.

I am getting the correct page numbers, but they are not in the right order.

When indexing a folder of documents, the documents should be named in alphabetical order. A safe naming convention for your files is to give them two digits names: 01, 02, 03... 09, 10, 11, 12, etc.

I am using Sonar Bookends on the Macintosh and my QuarkXPress files are not being indexed.

You need to export your QuarkXPress document in PDF format.

I am using Sonar Bookends on Windows and the page numbers for my QuarkXPress files are incorrect - they are much higher than they should be.

You need to export your QuarkXPress document in PDF format.

Sonar Bookends InDex Pro

The page numbers for each section in a multiple section document always begin with page one, even though different starting page numbers had been manually specified.

In InDesign's general preferences, select View: Section Numbering and not View: Absolute Numbering.

I get a message "Cannot open parsing dictionary" and InDesign sometimes crashes afterwards.

You have not installed Sonar Bookends InDex Pro correctly.

For Windows: inside the Sonar Bookends InDex Pro install folder there is a folder named Place enclosed folder on c drive. Inside that folder, there is a folder named Sonar Files. Copy the Sonar Files folder directly onto your "c:" drive.

For the Macintosh: inside the Sonar Bookends InDex Pro install folder there is a folder named Files for Preferences Folder. The 8 files inside must be copied to your Preferences folder (user name/library/preferences).

If these installation instructions are not followed, it will cause the "Cannot open parsing dictionary" error message, sorting will not work properly, and it will eventually cause a crash.

Sonar Bookends Activate

The page numbers that have been activated are off by one or more pages, but I am sure that I have done everything correctly.

Be sure that the page numbers used by Acrobat for your document match the actual page number printed on the page itself. Acrobat has the ability to set the page numbering for a document - that is what you use to make both the Acrobat page number and the actual page number match.

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