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Automatic Index and Table of Contents Generators

When your manual, report or book needs an index, you need a member of our Sonar Bookends family of products. You no longer have to mark entries or search endlessly for every entry. Instead just process your InDesign or PDF document with one of our products. You can generate an index based on word frequency, proper nouns, a list of words and phrases you supply, or any combination of the three. It's even simple to include chapter and/or section numbers. Additionally, subjects of sentences can be found and indexed automatically, occurrences of items to be indexed can be filtered, and much more with our professional version.

So before you go crazy making an index the slow and painful way, get one of our indexing solutions: for PDF files, get Sonar Bookends Regular, or Sonar Bookends Professional. For InDesign, get either Sonar Bookends InDex or Sonar Bookends InDex Pro. Free demos of our indexing products are available for downloading.

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Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InDex Pro for InDesign and try it out.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends Professional for PDF files and try it out.

Automatic Hyperlink Activator for Adobe's Acrobat

Creating an electronic document in PDF format? Want an index that is fully hypertext linked so the reader can just click on a page number and jump to the correct corresponding page? With Sonar Bookends Activate you can do that, as well as link the table of contents, e-mail addresses, web addresses (URLs), figure and table references ("see figure 6"), and page references ("continued on page 46"). The table of contents can be used to automatically generate bookmarks. Sonar Bookends Activate can do all of these things in seconds, saving you hours of labor each time you generate a new PDF! A free demo can be downloaded so you can try these features on your own documents.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends Activate and try it out.

Cross-Reference Generator for InDesign

If you need to imbed page numbers for tables, figures, appendices, etc., our cross-referencing products are a must have! Available for InDesign, Sonar Bookends InXref can cross-reference one file or multiple files. Document reflowed? In seconds all of your page references are corrected. A free demo is available on our web site.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InXref for InDesign and try it out.

Footnote/endnote management software for InDesign

If you work with footnotes and endnotes, you need Sonar Bookends InFnote for InDesign. Footnotes/endnotes are numbered, sorted, placed on the appropriate page, and assigned a style sheet automatically. A free demo is available on our web site.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InFnote for InDesign and try it out.

Figure and table numbering for InDesign

If you work with figures or tables, you need Sonar Bookends InSeq for InDesign. Figures and table are numbered automatically and any references to the figures and tables contain the correct figure or table number. You have a 'macro' language that allows you to programmatically create running headers and footers, complex figure, table, and paragraph sequence numbers (using an unlimited number of counters), and you can substitute text into specific places in a document. A free demo is available on our web site.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InSeq for InDesign and try it out.

Text Retrieval/Document Management

Sonar Professional is designed for archiving, researching and annotating large bodies of text. Sonar Professional allows you to search through thousands of documents at extraordinary speeds. Typically 12,500 pages of text can be searched in a second! So even highly complex searches which compare a number of variables can be conducted almost instantly.

The search results displayed on the screen can include both page images for PDF files and the plain text from those pages, side-by-side. Printing the images produces the equivilent of a photocopy of the original pages. For other documents, there is no image associated with the pages, only text. In either case, the found search phrase is highlighted in the text window. The content of the text can be easily copied and pasted into other applications.

Sonar Professional can process many types of text and word processing files so information already contained in computer files can be easily integrated. Sonar Professional can also search and view legacy documents scanned with Sonar Image.

It's a multi-user product - in a network environment several people can view and search the same or different files. This makes it simple and inexpensive to build a comprehensive and enterprise-wide document retrieval/management system.

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Download a free demo of Sonar Professional and try it out.