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Frequently Asked Questions

When Sonar Bookends makes an index, what is the index's file format?

Sonar Bookends and Sonar Bookends Professional create the index as a text only file so that any application can use it. For Sonar Bookends InDex and Sonar Bookends InDex Pro, the index is created as an InDesign file.

If I purchase Sonar Bookends InDex now, and then later I find I want to upgrade to Sonar Bookends InDex Pro, can I upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade between any of our products by paying the difference in price.

I have a Sonar product for the Macintosh, but I have just purchased a Windows based computer. Can I "cross-grade"?

Virginia Systems does not have a cross-grade option. We consider this to be a new sale.

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