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Acrobat Plug-ins

Creating an electronic document in PDF format? Want an index that is fully hypertext linked so the reader can just click on a page number and jump to the correct corresponding page? With Sonar Bookends Activate you can do that, as well as link the table of contents, e-mail addresses, web addresses (URLs), figure and table references ("see figure 6"), and page references ("continued on page 46"). The table of contents can be used to automatically generate bookmarks. Sonar Bookends Activate can do all of these things in seconds, saving you hours of labor each time you generate a new PDF! A free demo can be downloaded so you can try these features on your own documents.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends Activate and try it out.

InDesign Plug-ins

Cross-Reference Generator
If you need to imbed page numbers for tables. figures, appendices, etc., in a book or manual, you need our cross-referencing plug-in, Sonar Bookends InXref. You can generate cross-references for a single file or for hundreds of files using InDesign's book capabilities. If your document reflows, all the cross-reference page numbers can be updating in seconds!

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InXref and try it out.

Figure and Table Numbering
If you work with figures and tables or running headers and footers, you need Sonar Bookends InSeq to automatically number figures, tables, paragraphs, etc. along with any references in your text to those figures and tables. You can also create running headers and footers and can substitute text into specific locations in a document. If you insert a new figure or table, all figures, tables, and references can be updated in seconds! Figure and table sequence numbers can be arbitrarily complex using an unlimited number of counters that can be formatted in decimal, Roman numerals, or alphabetically.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InSeq and try it out.

When your InDesign based manual, report or book needs an index, you need Sonar Bookends InDex Pro. Now you don't have to spend hours marking index entries or searching endlessly for every entry. You can generate an index based on word frequency, proper nouns, subjects of sentences, a list of words and phrases you supply, marked items, or any combination thereof. First and last names can be reversed automatically, duplicate entries removed, and a multiple-level index generated. So before you go crazy making an index the slow and painful way, get Sonar Bookends InDex Pro and let the computer do the hard work!

For less demanding indexing, we offer Sonar Bookends InDex.

We also offer a special version for schools to index yearbooks at a special price. Ask for Sonar Bookends InDex Pro Yearbook Edition.

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Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InDex Pro and try it out.

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