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Technical Support and Software Update Policies

Technical support for a Virginia Systems' product is provided free for 30 days starting with the first call for support for that product. When an update is purchased, the 30 day clock resets and starts with the first call for support for that update.

Technical support is always free if the problem is related to a bonified software bug in a Virginia Systems' product.

Product updates are free to anyone who has purchased a previous version of the updated product within 30 days of the release of the update.

Software Updates (TSSUA2 or TSSUA3)

A TSSUA offers the following benefits for a particular software product:

Free downloads of updates
No additional fee for major or minor updates
Unlimited technical support by email

Agreement Cost and Ordering

Using the Ordering page you can order and pay for a TSSUA for many of our most popular products. For products that are not listed, contact the Virginia Systems' sales department for assistance with your order.

NOTE: When ordering a TSSUA, you will need to provide the serial number of the product for which you are purchasing a TSSUA.

Getting Technical Support

When contacting Virginia Systems on a technical support issue, you will need to provide the following information:

Your name

Your telephone or your e-mail address - however you want to be contacted. It doesn't hurt to provide more than one of these items

The product name, version and platform (Mac or Windows)

The serial number for your product - shown in the "Registation" dialog box

Virginia Systems' Technical Support Contact Information


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