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Founded as a consulting firm in 1984, Virginia Systems has been a leader in text retrieval, document imaging, and index generation software for both the MacOS, Windows, and the Internet since 1986.

Virginia Systems also offers custom software development for the Macintosh and Windows.

Our diverse international customer base includes federal, state and local governments and agencies, attorneys, universities, resume service providers, pharmaceutical, computer, publishing, and chemical companies, and other Fortune 500 firms.

What some of our customers have said about our products

This program [Sonar Bookends] is definitely the best $200 dollars I have spent in a long time. A process that has historically taken 5+ days in the past to manually generate a less than adequate catalog index, now creates a comprehensive, *accurate!!* 10 page index in under 4 minutes. Thanks!

T. Jarrett, Reuels Distribution, Salt Lake City, UT

I have a problem... Your software indexed my book far too quickly... I didn't even have time to drink my cup of tea while it processed the 500 page book with over 700 terms... ;-) lol.

Ben Wills, in2orbit design limited, Surrey, United Kingdom

I cannot thank you enough for your outstanding customer service. I have never worked with so responsive and responsible a software vendor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Virginia Systems' products, because I know that you stand behind them 110%.

Debby Abrahams, Manager, Graphic Services, Heiser Logistics, Canandaigua, NY

I have used all of the Virginia Systems tools for InDesign in the preparation of my book for the Quality Press of ASQ. I literally saved myself thousands of dollars in professional indexing fees by using Index Pro. Infnote, Inseq, and Inxref have allowed me to dynamically number references throughout the document. I can't imagine producing book-size documents without it!

Mr. Kim Pries, Stoneridge Transportation Electronics Division, El Paso, TX

...I couldn't get by without your product. It saves me everyday!

Shelly Moss, Salt Lake City, UT

... I had a great experience using your product. Bookends InDex made very short work of my last project. I'm almost eager now for more complicated projects just to see what InDex can do...

Jonathan Lyons, Lyons Digital Media,

Exactly what we needed!

Scott Ramos, Sr. Scientist, Infometrix

The only product I know of that does this. Thanks!!

Jana Talley, DTP Specialist, Gibbs & Assoc.

It's hard to believe that something this inexpensive works so well.

Tim Windsor, Freelance Writer

This software (Sonar Bookends) is fantastic!!!

Michelle Voss, Madison, Wisconsin.

Great product (Sonar Bookends)

Patricia Hamilton, Pacific Grove, California.

Ok, it (Sonar Bookends Professional) is just a one-trick pony - but what a hell of a trick!! It is great!

George W. Peacock, Mill Valley, California.

Having no previous experience indexing a book, I was able to generate a complicated index with the help of your customer support. Your customer support is awesome!

L. Ellis, Ellis Advertising and Design, Manchester, TN.

I sincerely appreciate your speedy reply to my cry for help. I was extremely frustrated with all the extra tabs (approximately 3,000) in the name listing I was trying to transfer from Word. Your suggestion was perfect. And, the correction took less than a minute. I am now fairly well finished with one of the indexes for a genealogical volume my employer is publishing.

Sonar Bookends Professional is a wonderful system, and Virginia Systems Support is a wonderful resource.

Thank you so much.

Janis Linville, Cincinnati, OH.

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