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NEW: Sonar Bookends InDex Pro 20.0, Sonar Bookends InDex 20.0, Sonar Bookends InSeq 21.0, and Sonar Bookends InXef 20.0 for the Macintosh and Windows versions of InDesign 2024 are now shipping!

Our Product line

Virginia Systems produces a variety of software for:

Automatic index and table of contents generation
Figure/table/paragraph numbering and running headers
Automatic PDF hypertext linking

We have products for both Macintosh and Windows.

Our desktop publishing add-ons support Adobe InDesign. Custom software can be developed on a contractual basis.

Desktop publishing bundles are available, providing substantial discounts to those needing our entire family of products for InDesign.

Automatic Index and Table of Contents Generators

Writing a book or manual that has more than 30 pages? Then you should provide an index to make it easier for your readers to find things. Sonar Bookends InDex and Sonar Bookends InDex Pro are the perfect solution. From a quick-and-dirty index for proofing or informal documents, to an elaborate production index, Sonar Bookends automates the process and saves you both money and time. Instead of spending hours or days, spend minutes with Sonar Bookends!

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InDex Pro and try it out.

If you are an educational institution needing to make an index for a yearbook written in InDesign, we have a great solution for you - Sonar Bookends InDex Pro Yearbook Edition. It makes indexing a yearbook a snap and has a great price tag, too! Contact us for more information.

Automatic Hypertext-Link Generators

Sonar Bookends Activate for Adobe's Acrobat is a plug-in that automatically generates hyperlinks for each page number in the index and table of contents of a PDF document. It also creates hypertext links for URLs, E-mail addresses, and page and table references (like, "refer to figure 6"). Bookmarks can be generated automatically from a PDF file's table of contents. It is a tremendous time saver for people making electronic books and manuals.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends Activate and try it out.


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Cross-Reference Generators

Imbedding page number references in your document is a snap with Virginia Systems' cross-reference generators for Adobe InDesign, named Sonar Bookends InXref. No more worrying that page references in your document (like "see figure 6 on page 92") are wrong after pages are inserted, deleted or edited! These products use a "labeling" system to mark both where referenced page numbers are to be inserted and where the material being referenced is found. The cross-references can be resolved anytime, in seconds, with a single command. More than one file can be cross-referenced at one time.

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InXref for InDesign and try it out.

Automatic Figure, Table, and Paragraph Numbering and Running Headers/Footers

Dynamically numbering figures and tables, including references to those figures and tables, is easy using Sonar Bookends InSeq for Adobe InDesign. A "labeling" system is used to connect figures and tables to their references. The figure and table sequence numbers can be resolved anytime, in seconds, with a single command. Documents that consist of multiple files are supported.

A powerful 'macro' language allows for the creation of arbitrarily complex numbering schemes, running headers and footers, and more!

Download a free demo of Sonar Bookends InSeq for InDesign and try it out.

Consulting Services

Virginia Systems can provide custom changes to any of its software packages as well as provide custom software development for the Macintosh and Windows. Contact us for more information.

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