Virginia Systems Ships Updated Document Imaging and
Text Retrieval Systems with Oracle® support

November 8, 1999, Midlothian, Virginia. Virginia Systems' announced
updated versions of its Sonar Image®, Sonar® Professional,
and WebSonar® cross-platform document imaging/text retrieval
systems today. The updated product will begin shipping November 15, 1999.

New features for Sonar Image and Sonar Professional include:

* Central index option - A single, master index can be created for
thousands of folders on multiple volumes, providing phenomenal search speeds.
It also allows write-protected media like CD's to be indexed by placing the
master index on the user's hard disk.

* Oracle support - Text files stored in large Oracle databases can now be
indexed and searched.

* Name translation - Files can be dynamically renamed during indexing.
This is useful for Oracle files, where the file names are numeric. With name
translation, these files can be assigned more meaningful names transparently.

* Support for Visual Basic scripting under Windows - Indexing and searching
can now be scripted using Visual Basic for Windows or AppleScript for the Macintosh.

* File type filtering - Certain file types, such as executables, that make no
sense to index can now be left unindexed, but still searchable by the file's name,
date, user-defined keywords, and sticky notes.

New features in WebSonar for searching from the Internet include:

* All database fields can now be viewed and searched.

* Database fields can have embedded HTML.

* Improved formatting for search results.

* Support for the Apple's Sherlock 2.

Sonar and Sonar Professional are powerful "image enabled" full text search/document
management programs for both the Macintosh and Windows 95/98/NT. Sonar Image,
which includes a scanner interface module and built-in OCR engine, provides scanning
and image compression capabilities. These products provide a dynamic solution for
document imaging and high speed search and retrieval of document of all types.

Sonar Professional's features include Boolean, proximity, wild card, synonym and phonetic
searching. Searches are not affected by case, punctuation or, optionally, word order.
Besides viewing all found documents, the user can print selected excerpts, attach notes to
pages, and create hypertext links. Comprehensive reports are created in seconds with the
push of a button. Advanced analysis features allow Sonar Professional to display a list of
all words "associated" with any given subject and to look for relationships or connections
between people, places and things.

Sonar Image, which includes all the features of Sonar Professional, allows users to scan
letters, briefs, depositions, and articles using a wide variety of scanners, and then retrieve
the scanned documents later. Sonar Image provides automatic Optical Character Recognition,
so that the user can search for anything contained in the scanned documents. Once found, the
user can view or print both the recognized text or the original image of the document, including
signatures and handwritten notes. The printed document looks like a photocopy of the original.

WebSonar is a Macintosh ACGI for AppleShare or WebStar that allows users to search and view
files indexed with Sonar, Sonar Professional, or Sonar Image over the Internet or an intranet.

Virginia Systems was founded in 1984 and specializes in document imaging, text retrieval
and index generation software.

Single user pricing is $295 for Sonar, $395 for WebSonar, $795 for Sonar Professional, and $1,295
for Sonar Image. Site and network licensing are available. Free demo disks are available on the
Virginia Systems website at:

For further information, contact:

Virginia Systems
5509 West Bay Court
Midlothian, VA 23112
Phone: (804) 739-3200
FAX: (804) 739-8376

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