Virginia Systems Ships
New Internet server/search engine
for Windows

July 25, 2006 Midlothian, Virginia. Virginia Systems announced today that it is shipping a new Microsoft Windows based server/text retrieval system for the Internet. WebSonar allows a user to publish documents for high-speed search and retrieval locally, over the Internet, or both, quickly, easily, and inexpensively.

WebSonar, originally available only for the Macintosh, has been completely redesigned for Windows-based machines. WebSonar's searching capabilities far exceed competing systems and WebSonar even includes built in Internet server software!

WebSonar can perform Boolean, proximity, wild card, phonetic, synonym, concept, and quorum searches. Found documents can be displayed or downloaded. After searching for a term the user can optionally get a list of subjects associated with that search term. For example, a search for 'diabetes' might return 'ketoacidosis,' 'blood sugar,' and 'blood glucose meter' as associated subjects.

WebSonar also allows for fielded information about each document to be searched and viewed. Users can view notes attached to pages of documents. Optionally, users can be allowed to also enter and edit the notes.

Installation is simple and in short order a user can have libraries of documents available for searching over the Internet or an intranet.

There are three basic configurations of WebSonar:

1. The free demo version allows a user to search a single folder of documents on a local computer using any web browser

2. The single-user, entry-level version allows a single folder of documents to be searched over the Internet, as well as on the local computer

3. The multiple-user versions allows an unlimited number of folders and files to be searched locally and over the Internet. The multiple-user version includes a copy of Sonar Professional, which allows the user to index an unlimited number of folders and files for searching with WebSonar, provides for maximum search speeds with WebSonar, import fielded information for documents being searched, and much more.

The free demo of WebSonar is available on Virginia Systems' web site at: Alternatively, WebSonar can be tested over the Internet by going to

Pricing for a single-user license is $99.95. For five users, the cost is $995 (includes a copy of Sonar Professional), and for twenty-five users the cost is $2,950 (includes Sonar Professional). Existing Sonar Professional customers can deduct $500 from the multiple-user WebSonar configurations.

Virginia Systems was founded in 1984 and specializes in document imaging, text retrieval, automatic index-generation, cross-referencing, sequencing, and footnote software.

For further information, contact: Virginia Systems, 5509 West Bay Court, Midlothian, VA 23112-2506, Phone: (804) 739-3200, FAX: (804) 739-8376, Email:, URL:

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