Virginia Systems Announces Sonar Bookends InDex for Adobe's InDesign

BOSTON, March 2, 1999 - Virginia Systems, a software development company
which has been marketing automatic index generation systems since 1990,
announced a new product for Adobe" InDesign" software today. The product, Sonar
Bookends® InDex, will start shipping for the Macintosh in the second quarter
of this year, when Adobe begins shipping Adobe InDesign. A Windows version of the
product will follow shortly thereafter.

"The tight integration of our automatic indexing technology with Adobe InDesign
takes the pain out of making an index. It provides the user with a powerful and
complete desktop publishing solution, especially useful for those with large
documents," said Philip Van Cleave, president of Virginia Systems.

Sonar Bookends InDesign allows the user to make an index in a variety of ways:

1. Word frequency - the index contains all of the words in a document that occur
within a user supplied frequency range.
2. Proper noun - Sonar Bookends InDesign can find and index the full names of
people, places and things mentioned in a document automatically.
3. User supplied word/phrase list - the user can provide a list of things to be indexed.
4. Any combination of the above.

"The amount of time it takes to create an index can vastly increase the time it
takes to get a publication to print," said John Chaffee, group product manager,
professional publishing solutions, Adobe Systems, Inc. "Sonar Bookends InDex,
combined with the layout and design power of Adobe InDesign, can reduce that time
from hours to mere minutes, creating massive time and money savings for our

Sonar Bookends InDex can index a book or publication that spans multiple
documents. It can also reverse first and last names, create a multi-level index,
and its powerful sorting routines can sort both single and multi-level word lists.
The user can optionally supply a Boolean expression to help find page numbers. For
example, the word "Cat" can appear in the index, but the page numbers could be
found by looking for "cat" or "kitten" or "feline."

An index can be made in a fraction of the time, since the user does not need to
manually mark each entry to be indexed as they do with other indexing systems.
Catalog companies can generate a large index in minutes by exporting product
names from an existing database and letting Sonar Bookends InDex look up the
products and build the index.

The expected retail price for Sonar Bookends InDesign will be $195.

For more information, contact:
Sales Department
Virginia Systems
5509 West Bay Court
Midlothian, VA 23112-2506
Telephone: (804) 739-3200, Fax: (804) 739-8376

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